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 Mixhalis Michail 3d exhibition gallery

Michalis Michail, living, acting and creating alone in the crowd, has expressed deeply personal emotions with such alarming honesty so that the spectator or reader may discover himself within the works. (Edit & Development by Upki)

Michael Cacoyannis 100 years

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Michael Cacoyannis and as we all “look upon” the Parthenon, we would like to remember, once again, his claim, a claim that belongs to us all, for the Marbles to return home. (Edit & Development by Upki)

“Comprehesive” by Kostas Kaldaras

Online 3d exhibition. (Edit & Design by Upki)


Online 3d exhibition. (Edit & Design by Upki)

Development & Design by Upki